Folkland Islands Dependencies 1982
Cryptopygus antarcticus

Isotomid is a minute insect of the length from 1mm to 3mm, and has neither a simple eye nor a compound eye. However, there is a small eye of every some in the both sides of a head, respectively, and it gathers at them, and has become an eye group. A self-renewal is continued, even if a larva and an imago are of the same type, and hardly metamorphose but it becomes an imago with a primitive insect. It is said that at least 40,000 individuals live in 1 square meter in Japanese forest soil, a dead leaf etc. is eaten, and it is changing into the ground.
Give water to the flowerpot in which the plant was planted. Probably, it is seen that a thing like powder drifts on the surface when water has overflowed upwards. If it moves lightly and a hand is brought close, although there is also no wind, as it was blown away, it will disappear. This is a kind of Isotomid which lived in the ground of a flowerpot, and it disappeared for having skipped and escaped suddenly.

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