United States of America 1999
Panorpa nuptialis

It sees in many cases that scorpionfly has stopped on the grass in a wood etc. Although the wing of long and slender order is piled up and folded into a roof type, since the wing is thin, the body does not hide. It is conspicuous that a male lifts the big copulation machine of a belly end, and is bending it to the back side. It is the reason of Scorpionfly. a head , a lower part of it extends like a snout and if it is catched, dark-brown digestive juices will be breathed out from the mouth at a tip. For example, a breast while the wing has grown, and a back breast are also almost of the same type almost similarly size. How to fly is weak-looking. The oldest fossil of Scorpionfly is discovered from Permian.

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