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Greenhouse Whitefly
Trialeurodes vaporariorum
Silverleaf Whitefly
Bemisia tabaci
Pear Psylla
Cacopsylla pyricola
Bed Bug
Cimex lectularius

Whitefly resembles the minute moth. There is an antenna in a head, a wing is white or a spots pattern and the surface is being worn of qualitatively white powdery wax. A female lays eggs to the thin venation of backside leaf. If a larva hatches, he will walk immediately and it will turn. However, a leg is lost by the first self-renewal and juice is inhaled, without hardly moving after that. Many Whitefly is serious noxious insects. The examples known well are Greenhouse Whitefly and Cigarette Whitefly, and are the global noxious insects of the important crops of cotton or others.

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