Animal Stamp of San Marino

It is said that the Christian who escaped from the persecution of the caesar at an independent country in the Italian country in the fourth century made the founding of a country, and the Republic of San Marino is a republic of the world oldest that established an original constitution in 1263. It conclude a treaty of friendship with Italy in 1862, and thereafter it is invaded for one time period of World War II by Germany and has become Italy territory, but there is it in a friendly relationship when it remove. A stamp and a coin and profit by the sightseeing support a national finance.
The stamp on which it drew seven kinds of fish, mollusk two kinds, one kind of mammalian sea life ten kinds from this San Marino in 1966 was issued.

Republic of San Marino
1966.8.27 Fish Stamp
Atlantic Wreckfish
Polyprion americanus
Cuckoo Wrasse
Labrus mixtus
Common Dolphin
Delphinus delphis
Atlantic Electric Ray
Torpedo nobiliana
Short-snouted Seahorse
Hippocampus hippocampus
John Dory
Zeus faber
Decoy Scorpionfish
Iracundus signifer
Common Dentex
Dentex dentex

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