The researchers of malaria

Rwanda Specific medicine quinine discovery 150-year commemoration of malaria 1970
The flower, leaf, and bark of a cinchona bark Malaria Mosquito milky bowl, milky stick, and pharmacy
A patient and a nurse The discoverer of quinine
The portrait of Pelletier and Caventou
Extermination of a mosquito

Pierre Joseph Pelletier (1788-1842) was born to Paris, at first, studied pharmacy and chemistry after will and succeeded medicine in separation of quinine with Caventou in 1820.
Joseph Biantiem Caventou (1795-1877) was a medicine chemist born in France, studied alkaloid with Pelletier and succeeded in separation of quinine. Later he became the professor of the Paris department-of-pharmacology university.

Algeria 1954
commemoration of army surgeon
contributed to army health
Franco Clemente Maillot (1804-1894) was born in France, went to Africa as an army surgeon, and he began to use quinine for medical treatment of malaria.

Algeria 1954
commemoration of army surgeon
contributed to army health
Sweden 1967
1907 Nobel prize winner
GuineBissau 2009
1907 Nobel prize winner
Charls Lewis Al Von Laveran (1845-1922) is French people , and discovered the malaria parasite during service to Algeria as an army surgeon. He retired from army surgeon office in 1887, but continued the research of parasitology and pathology as the head of the Pasteur research institute, and he did the research of malaria, Toripanozoma, and sleeping sickness. The Nobel Prize was won in 1907.
Laveran is a back side.

Sweden 1962
1902 Nobel prize winner
India 1997
Medical Researcher
Ronald Ross (1857-1932) went to India by British people, discovered the malaria disease protozoan in the salivary glands of a mosquito in the said place, and solved the growth ring of a protozoan. This won the Nobel Prize in 1902. Moreover, he had argued with Grassi of Italy for a long time.
Front side is Ross.

Italy 1955
Grassi death 30-year commemoration
Jobanni Battista Grassi (1854-1925) is Italian, and studied medicine at the Pavia university, and became zoology and a parasitologist. It discovered that malaria was propagated by the mosquito. For this reason, the dispute occurred between Ross.

Guyana 1978
Medical Researcher Giglioli
George Giglioli (1897-1975) is Italians, After he learned medicine in Pisa University, and having studied in London tropical medicine school, he proceeded to Guyana in 1922, and it was with the medicine researcher of company where 1,000 employees works, and he did much contribution for the treatment of the patient due to malaria.

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