Insect Stamp of Qatar

Qatar is there in the Arabian Peninsula, is a small country of 10,000 area km2 isand stuck out of the Persian Gulf, most of which are desert. The Qatari history is comparatively new, and an existing emirate is formed in the middle in the 18th century. Sani group who is roots of an existing chief establishes rule in 1868 and reaches it at the present. But Qatar was put under the control of Ottoman Turkey in the 19th century, and of the U.K. after the World War I. Qatar have achieved independence in 1971, Hari F chief was born by bloodless coup detat in the following 1972, and the Hama doh Crown Prince who was a son took office as a chief in 1995 and grasped real power. Most of a national income hold a natural gas oil field of world maximum grade with oil, and the gross national product per nation is high, and no charge of education is realized, too.
Beautiful serially printed Postage Stamps which described 20 kinds of insects was issued in 1998 from this State of Qatar.

State of Qatar
1998.7.20 Insect Stamp
Nubian Flower Bee
Amegilla nubica
Anthia Ground Beetle
Anthia duodecimguttata
Seven-spotted Ladybird Beetle
Coccinella septempunctata
Desert Giant Ant
Camponotus xerxes
Eastern Death's Head Hawk Moth
Acherontia styx
Arabian Darkling Beetle
Pimelia arabica
Yellow Digger
Stizus marnonis
Mole Cricket
Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa
African Migratory Locust
Locusta migratoria
Elegant Rhinoceros Beetle
Oryctes elegans
Oleander Hawk Moth
Daphnis nerii
American Cockroach
Periplaneta americana
Girdled Skimmer
Orthetrum chrysostigma
Sabre-Toothed Beetle
Scarites guineensis
Arabian Cicada
Platypleura arabica
Pinstriped Ground Weevil
Ammocleonus aschabadensis
European Mantis
Mantis religiosa
Rufous bombardier Beetle
Brachinus nobilis
Great Eggfly
Hypolimnas misippus
Shore Earwing
Labidura riparia

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