Insect Stamp of Philippines

The Philippines is comprizing Luzon, Mindanao, Cebu from islands more than 7000. Magellan became a Spanish colony in 1571 after a visit to a shore in 1521 and it declared independence in 1898, but it was governed for about 40 years after 1901 by U.S.A. and Japan force occupied it during World War II, but achieved independence with Japanese defeat in 1945 as the Republic of the Philippines in 1946.
Two kinds of stamps on which the insect was drawn was issued as a normal stamp of the Philippines in 1988.
Two small sheets which drew four kinds of insects were issued in 2000.
Two small sheets which drew four kinds of beetles were issued in 2010.
One small sheet which drew nine kinds of dragonflies and one small sheet which drew one kind of dragonfly were issued in 2015.

1988.3.11 Normal Stamp
Assassin Bug
Vesbius purpureus
Scoliid Wasp
Campsomeris aurulenta

2000.7.21 Normal Stamp
Convergent Ladybird Beetle
Synonycha grandis
Cabbage Bug
Piezodorus hybneri
Green June Beetle
Torynorrhina unicolor
Eastern Hercules Beetle
Dynastes tityus
Sharpshooter Bug
Orthobelus flavipes
Spotted cucumber Beetle
Chrysomela vigintipunctata
Omate Chequered Beetle
Trichodes crabroniformis
Milkweed Bug
Cavelerius saccharivarus

2010.3.29 Beetle Stamp
Fruit & Flower Chafer
Agestrata luconica
Flower Chafer
Glycyphana sp.
Flower Chafer
Paraplectone crassa
Flower Chafer
Astrea sp.
Fruit & Flower Chafer
Agestrata semperi
Flower Chafer
Heterorhina sp.
Fruit & Flower Chafer
Agestrata antoinei
Flower Chafer
Clerota rodriguezi

2015.3.27 Dragonfly Stamps
Beautiful Demoiselle
Calopteryx virgo meridionalis
Small Red Damselfly
Ceriagrion tenellum
Golden-ringed Dragonfly
Cordulegaster boltonii
Blue-tailed Damselfly
Ischnura elegans
White-legged Damselfly
Platycnemis pennipes
Emperor Dragonfly
Anax imperator
Club-tailed Dragonfly
Gomphus simillimus
Ruddy Darter
Sympetrum sanguineum
Broad-bodied Chaser
Libellula depressa
Halloween Pennant
Celithemis eponina

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