Animal Stamp of Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is eastern half of New Guinea and about 10,000 neighboring states comprising islands. A European visited a shore after the 16th century, and the New Guinea western part became Oran doh territory in 1828, and the eastern part was divided in 1884 by U.K. and Germany, and it was ruled. The U.K. territory was transferred in the beginning in the 20th century by Australia, and after the World War I it could include Germany territory, too, and it was it with Australian United Nations mandate and became independent as a constitutional monarchy in the Commonwealth of Nations in 1975.
Four kinds of stamps on which it drew birds were issued in 1970 by this Papua New Guinea. Five kinds of stamps on which it drew birds were issued in 1977.

Papua New Guinea
1970.5.13 Bird Stamp
King of Saxony Bird-of-paradise
Pteridophora alberti
King Bird-of-paradise
Cicinnurus regius
Raggiana Bird-of-paradise
Paradisaea raggiana
Crested Satinbird
Cnemophilus macgregorii

1977.6.8 Bird Stamp
White-breasted Ground Dove
Gallicolumba jobiensis
Victoria Crowned Pigeon
Goura victoria
Pheasant Pigeon
Otidiphaps nobilis
Orange-fronted Fruit Dove
Ptilinopus aurantiifrons
Zoe's Imperial Pigeon
Ducula zoeae

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