Insect Stamp of Republic of Palau

Palau islands are small island countries with a population of 15,000 in the north in Papua New Guinea, the southeast in the Philippines, and the southwest of Guam Island. It is under the Japan's rule during the prewar days and the war, and is now friendly to Japan and has the deep relation with Japan by sightseeing etc. on also now . Although Republic of Palau became independent from trusteeship of the United Nations (the United States has a right of an institution) in 1994, still, economic independence is not attained but is in the development way in various fields
20 kinds of the earth environment protection stamps which it drew insect was issued with the sheet from this Republic of Palau in 1999.
Six kinds of insect stamps and one piece of small seat including one kind of insect stamp were issued in 2003.

Republic of Palau
1999.5.24 Earth environment protection Stamp
Banza natida
Pamace Fly
Drosophila heteroneura
Brown Lacewing
Nesomicromus vagus
Narrow-winged Damselfly
Megalagrion leptodemus
Pseudopsectra cookearum
Rove Beetle
Ampheida neacaledonia
Pseudopsectra swezeyi
Little Barrier Island Giant Weta
Deinacrida heteracantha
Beech Forest Butterfly
Dodonidia helmsii
Hercules Moth
Coscinocera hercules
Striped Sphinx Moth
Hyles lineata
Tussock Ringlet Butterfly
Argyrophenga antipodum
Stag Beetle
Elytrocheilus elytrocheilus
Bush Cricket
Phylophorina kotoshoensis
Longhorn Beetle
Rove Beetle
Abathrus bicolor
Rove Beetle
Stylogymnusa subantarctica
Moth Butterfly
Liphyra brassolis
Rove Beetle
Paraconosoma naviculare
Cairns Birdwing Butterfly
Ornithoptera priamus

2003.1.13 Insect Stamp
Giant Water Bug
Lethocerus deyrolli
Bamboo Shoot Weevil
Cyrtotrachelus cyrtotrachelus
Blister Beetle
Lytta vesicatoria
Aulacocylus aulacocylus
Stag Beetle
Phalacrognathus mulleri
Violin Beetle
Mormolyce phyllodes
Man-Faced Bug
Catacanthus nigripens

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