Animal Stamp of Palau

Palau islands are small island countries with a population of 15,000 in the north in Papua New Guinea, the southeast in the Philippines, and the southwest of Guam Island. It is under the Japan's rule during the prewar days and the war, and is now friendly to Japan and has the deep relation with Japan by sightseeing etc. on also now . Although Republic of Palau became independent from trusteeship of the United Nations (the United States has a right of an institution) in 1994, still, economic independence is not attained but is in the development way in various fields
The stamp on which it drew six kinds of deep-sea fish in 2000 was issued on a small seat by this Republic of Palau.

Republic of Palau
2000.5.10 Deep Sea Fish Stamp
Spotted Shrimp
Sergia lucens
Atlantic Footballfish
Himantolophus groenlandicus
Gymnetrus russelii
Roundhead Grenadier
Squalogadus modificatus
Platyberix opalescens
Lepidophanes guentheri

2000 Fish Stamp
Gafftopsail Sea Catfish
Bagre marinus

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