Animal Stamp of NewZealand

Dutch Tassman visited the New Zealand in 1942 and Briton Cook visited it in 1769 in which Mario group of Polynesia of indigenous people origin put it ,live in and became a British colony in 1840. Opposition with Mario group intensified as soon as the settlement of english people got into full swing afterward, and Mario War continued until about 1870. In end of the 19th century, the women's suffrage established free compulsory education systems first in the world. Ii became the U.K. self-governing dominion in 1907 and became independent as a constitutional monarchy of the Commonwealth of Nations in 1947. It return a part of the land and do it and agree reconciliation with indigenous people Mario group.
Six kinds of stamps on which it drew a whale from the New Zealand in 1988 were issued.
Four kinds of stamps on which it pictured hatteria called "a living fossil" with the most original reptiles in 1991 year were issued.
In 1997 year, three kinds of circle stamps on which it drew a kiwi were issued. By single color printing, there is the thing of the same design blue, green, red three colors, and the face value is 1 dollar both.
Five kinds of stamp which drew a giant animal were issued in 2009.

New Zealand
1988.11.2 Whale Stamp
Humpback Whale
Megaptera novaeangliae
Killer Whale
Orcinus orca
Southern Right Whale
Eubalaena australis
Blue Whale
Balaenoptera musculus
Southern Bottlenose Whale
Hyperoodon planifrons
Sperm Whale
Physeter macrocephalus

1991.4.17 Tuatara Stamp
Tuatara (child)
Sphenodon punctatus
Tuatara (from Nest Cave)
Sphenodon punctatus
Tuatara (female)
Sphenodon punctatus
Tuatara (male)
Sphenodon punctatus

1997.8.6 Bird Stamp
North Island Brown Kiwi
Apteryx australis

2009.3.4 Giant Animal Stamp
New Zealand Giant Moa
Dinornis giganteus
Colossal Squid
Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni
Southern Right Whale
Eubalaena australis
Haast's Eagle
Harpagornis moorei

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