Animal Stamp of North Korea

North Korea was born as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in 1948, but Korean War breaks out from 1950. It will confront the Republic of Korea of the south side afterward. In the country, national construction of socialism as for the thing of autocracy of Kim Il Sung who established the system by 1958 peculiar did it. In 1967, Kim Il Sung announced policies such as independent diplomacy / voluntary economy / self-defense national defense by tutu (the subject) thought and took office as the first Chairman in 1972. It was assumed that It caused an international terrorist incident afterwards and was exposed to criticism from the global community and It entered in 1990's, and the Republic of Korea came to establish the Soviet Union, China and diplomatic relations and was able to deepen isolation. Kim Il Sung dies in 1994. Kim Jong Il of a son took virtual head of state in 1998.
Five kinds of fish stamps were issued in 1966 by this North Korea. Five kinds of stamps on which it drew a dinosaur were issued in 1991. Five kinds of fish stamps was issued in 1993.

Democratic People's Republic of Korea
1966.6.10 Normal Stamp
Pacific Saury
Cololabis saira
Pacific Cod
Gadus macrocephalus
Chum Salmon
Oncorthynchus keta
Chub Mackerel
Scomber japonicus
Pink Salmon
Oncorthynchus gorbuscha

1991.5.21 Dinosaur Stamp

1993.2.25 Normal Stamp
Pilot Fish
Naucrates ductor
Red Stingray
Dasyatis akajei
Lampris guttatus
Latimeria chalumnae
Longtooth Grouper
Epinephelus moara

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