British Antarctic Territory 1990Canada 1990
Triplagnostus (Trilobite)
Triplagnostus sp.
Paradoxides (Trilobite)
Paradoxides davidis
NewZealandish Niuafou 1989China 1958Aland 1994
Olenoides (Trilobite)
Olenoides serratus
Kaolishania (Trilobite)
Kaolishania pustulosa
Asaphus (Trilobite)
British Antarctic Territory 1990Czechoslovakia 1968Slovenia 2000
Lyriaspis (Trilobite)
Lyriaspis sp.
Selenopeltis (Trilobite)
Selenopeltis buchii
Paladin (Trilobite)
Paladin bedici

Triarthrus (Trilobite)
Kettneraspis (Trilobite)
Kettneraspis clavatus
Psychopyge (Trilobite)
Ceraurinus (Trilobite)

A Guide to the Orders of TrilobitesTrilobites Orders
After the earth is produced, it is said that the life was born and 3 billion years or more have passed in 4,600 million.
And the time when we lived came through the geological age called the pre Canbria period, the Paleozoic, the Mesozoic, and the Cainozoic era.
Most fundamental feature of the structure of the body of a Arthropod is that all bodily ring paragraph have the attachment leg with a pair of ring paragraph respectively. The very first ring paragraph is called point paragraph and the next following paragraphs are called body paragpaph. A mouth traverses the inside of the body and finishes with the anus at the entrance of the alimentary canal currently opened between the point paragraph and the first body paragraph.
The attachment leg of a point paragraph ofthe marine products trilobite which the origin was old, prospered at the Paleozoic and was ruined with the Paleozoic also among Arthropods is an antenna. All of the attachment leg of body paragraphs since then are the almost same walk leg of type. A distribution of a trilobite is globally large and 1500 or more genus about 10,000 sorts are known as a fossil. Although the length has change of about 0.5-70cm, there are many things of 2-4cm grade.

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