Animal Stamp of Nigeria

Nigeria facing the Gulf of Guinea had the area like twice and a half of Japan, an increase is remarkable and population broke through 100 million people in recent years. This Nigeria was launched as a colony which unified four British, such as the Niger coast protectorate, at the beginning of the 20th century. Britain was advancing integration of a colony also in Canada, Australia, South Africa, etc. those days aiming at the increase in efficiency of administration etc. In the rise of the ethnic movement after the Second World War, Nigeria became independent as a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations in 1960, and became a federal republic 1963. The oil of a southeast part supports the economy of present Nigeria, and it is mainly exported to European countries.
Four kinds of fish stamps were issued from this Nigeria in 1991. The fish of the Africa specialty is chosen, and it is drawn ecologically.

1991.7.10 Fish Stamp
Electric Catfish
Malapterurus electricus
Nile Perch
Iates niloticus

Nile Tilapia
Tilapia nilotica
African Catfish
Clarias gariepinus

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