Ancient dragonfly

Japan 1986Australia 2017NewZealand 1997
Ancient Dragonfly
Epiophlebia superstes
Beautiful Petaltail
Petalura pulcherrima
Bush Giant Dragonfly
Uropetala carovei

Ancient dragonfly is one of "the living fossils." Although this friend appears in the Mesozoic Triassic period and many fossils are discovered from the stratum of the Jurassic period of Europe, now, it has only survived one kind in the mountain of Japan and Mt.Himaraya, respectively. Although the figure resembles biddiy and the Gomphidae, an order shuttlecock is of the same type, and the base becomes handle-like and is close to narrow-winged damselfly and broad-winged damselfly. Although a shuttlecock is made a half-difference when stopping, it stands and closes on the back like an narrow-winged damselfly during rest. A larva lives in the mountain stream of a place between mountains, and a form is closer to a dragonfly than an narrow-winged damselfly. It takes no less than seven to eight years to ripen.

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