Animal Stamp of Mozambique

Mozambique is a country of the African Continent Southeast. Vasco da Gama arrives at Mozambique that was an Arabian trade foothold in 1498. I become a colony of Portugal and thereafter last for 1629 years than 300 years and am governed. Mozambique frente demanding liberation in 1962 is formed, and military struggle starts and becomes independent as a socialist state in the name of the People's Republic of Mozambique in 75. However, 1980's begins, and an anti-government organization aiming at overthrow of the socialism government gets support of South Africa and starts military power struggle. It enter into a civil war from what the government gets Zimbabwe, military aid of Tanzania and was opposed to, and rich farmland will go to ruin. It abandon Marxism-Leninism in 1989. It establish a constitution focusing on political pluralism in 1990, and it is renamed the name of a country by the Republic of Mozambique. A peace deal with an anti-government organization is concluded in 1992, and a cease-fire is realized. The political situation is stable, and there is aluminum refinement in the opening revival way afterward, too.
Eight kinds of airmail stamps which it unified with the animal which inhabited Africa were issued in 1981 by this Mozambique.
Six kinds of fish stamps were issued in 1984.

Republic of Mozambique
1981.3.3 Animal Airmail Stamp
Giraffa camelopardalis
Damaliscus lunatus
Orycteropus afer
African Rock Python
Python sebae
Loggerhead Sea Turtle
Caretta caretta
Marabou Stork
Leptoptilos crumeniferus
Saddle-billed Stork
Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis
Kori Bustard
Ardeotis kori

1984.8.24 Fish Stamp
Purple Labeo
Labeo congoro
Brown Squeaker
Synodontis zambezensis
Freshwater Annual Dickfish
Nothobranchius rachovii
Straightfin Barb
Barbus paludinosus
Spot-tail Fish
Alestes imberi
Barred Minnow
Barilius zambezensis

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