Insect Stamp of Malawi

The industry of Malawi is mainly agriculture such as tea or a cigarette , and a landlocked country to hold the Malawi lake which is thirdly big in the African Continent. Many families of Bantu line lived and it was called Nyasaland before independence and boasted of power to circumference and was, but entered a follower as a protectorate of the U.K. in after 1891. It form Southern Rhodesia (existing Zimbabwe), Northern Rhodesia (existing Zambia) and a federation in 1953. It left a federation in 1963 and became independent as a self-government country of the Commonwealth of Nations in 1964, the following day. It shifted to republican form of government in 1966, and the vanda President who was President first generation became a Life President in 1971 and strengthened autocracy color in afterward. 1990's began, and a voice in search of democratization rose and abolished a Life President system in 1993, and a presidential election by the first political pluralism and parliamentary election were carried out since independence in 1994, and a Murr the large dictator was born.
The beetle of the Ethiopian region, such as 9d Blister Beetle and 1.6l. Pumpmont Ladybird, is drawn, and good selection of a beetle is carried out.
Four kinds of insect stamps were issued in 1991.
Three kinds of stamps which it drew tzetze fly on as a sleepy sickness measures stamp in Africa were issued in 2012.

1970.2.4 Insect Stamp
Bush Locust
Zonocerus elegans
Blister Beetle
Mylabris dicincta
Pumpmont Ladybird
Henosepilachna elaterii
Praying Mantid


1991.9.21 Insect Stamp
Red Locust
Nomadacris septemfasciata
Curculio curculio
Cotton Stainer
Dysdercus dysdercus
Pollen Beetle
Mylabris mylabris

2012.1.25 Pan African Tsetse & Trypanosomiasis Eradication Campain Stamp
Tsetse Fly
Glossina morsitans
Tsetse Fly
Glossina morsitans
Tsetse Fly
Glossina morsitans

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