North Korea 1999Palau 2000
Tiger Prawn
Penaeus orientalis
Spotted Shrimp
Sergia lucens

British Cayman Islands 1999 COPPER-NICKEL
Pink-spotted Shrimp
Farfantepenaeus brasiliensis

Japanese Tiger Prawn
Marsupenaeus japonicus

A shrimp, a crab, and a hermit crab are summarized as the Decapoda. Shrimps have been summarized as the Macrura, but at the latest classification system, they are divided to prawns (Penaeoida) and the other shrimps & lobsters (Stenopodidea, Caridea, Palinura) on the suborder level by the growth stage of the larva when hatching in a kind and spiny lobsters, and the structure of gills.

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