Parasitoid Wasp

Democratic People's Republic of Korea 1993Democratic People's Republic of Korea 1989Democratic People's Republic of Korea 1993
Egg Parasitoid Wasp
Trichogramma dendrolimi
Egg Parasitoid Wasp
Trichogramma ostriniae
Parasitoid Wasp
Brachymeria obscurata
Kenya 2011Mongolia 1980Kenya 2010
Torymid Wasp
Megastigmus sp.
Pteromalid Wasp
Perilampus ruficornis
Parasitoid Wasp

Since trichogrammatid wasp is very small, it is often overlooked. Most kinds are whitish, the body is thickly short and there is no pulse in a wing. It is distributed over the whole world. It will become pupa in three days which have laid eggs and passed into the egg of many insects.
There are point and a hollow in the body of chalcid wasp, and there is metallic luster depending on a seed. A hind leg machine paragraph is large, hind legs swells very greatly, and the notch of the bottom is carried out.

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