Vietnam 2001Cuba 1971
Indo-Pacific Tarpon
Megalops cyprinoides
Atlantic Tarpon
Megalops atlanticus

A body of Megalopidae is slim and resembles sardine. A mouth is big, and there is a tooth such as a big, sharp needle to both chins. There is a ventral fin in the vicinity of the abdominal center. The tail fin does breaking into two deeply. A scale shines with silver in a cycloid scale. Gill cleft is wide. It passes through child fish period called leptocephalus and grow up. A body is transparent, and leptocephalus of Megalopidae is slim.
It is thought that the fish of Elopiformes, Albuliformes, Anguiliformes, Saccopharygiformes evolved from a common ancestor because it has child fish period of leptocephalus.

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