Central Africa 2001Cote d'Ivoire 1986
Slender Lungfish
Protopterus dolloi
Annectens Lungfish
Propterus annectens

Queensland Lungfish
Neoceratodus forsteri

Ceratodontiformes doing abiogenesis are four kinds that are distributed over Africa, one kind in Australia, one kind in South America. Queensland Lungfish is vested in the friend of the barramunda which appeared about 1.8m full length, approximately 350,000,000 years ago and has the form that is the most primitive in barramundas of the abiogenesis and has a big scale, and it has lungs contacting the gullet with a ventral, and air breathes. The pectoral dorsal fin depends on gills breathing with form of oar which it made big well of the basal part.

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