Animal Stamp of Guinea-Bissau

Guinea-Bissau is comprised of the mainland close against Senegal and Guinea and Bissau Island floating in the offing. A Portuguese went ashore in the 15th century and was governed afterward for 500 years. In Portuguese Guinia, liberation organization Guinea-Bissau Cape Verdean independent African party of a race declared Guinea-Bissau and independence of Cape Verde in September, 1973. And Guinea-Bissau became independent after the fight with the Portuguese military in September of 1974 and the Republic of Guinea-Bissau was born. A socialistic policy was pushed forward after independence, but switch was gradually planned to liberalism economy after a military coup happened in 1980 and having shifted to 1 party autocracy of the independent African party.
Six kinds of bee stamps were issued in 2001 by the Republic of Guinea-Bissau. One kind of small size seat comprised of one kind of deep sea fish stamp and one kind of small seat comprised of five kinds of deep sea fish stamps was issued in 2010 by the Republic of Guinea-Bissau.

Republic of Guinea-Bissau
2010.1.31 Deep Sea Fish Stamp
Mirror Dory
Zenopsis nebulosa
Telescope Octopus
Amphitretus pelagicus
Highlight Hatchetfish
Sternoptyx pseudobscura
Toothed Seadevil
Neoceratias spinifer
Wolftrap Anglerfish
Lasiognathus saccostoma
Ram's Horn Squid
Spirula spirula
Deep Sea Anglerfish
Linophryne densiramus
Scalloped Ribbonfish
Zu cristatus
Barreleye Fish
Macropinna microstoma
Aristomias polydactylus
North Pacific Crestfish
Lophotes capellei
Spotted Ratfish
Hydrolagus colliei

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