Animal Stamp of Fiji

The Fiji islands were the countries which consist of 300 or more islands groups on the South Pacific, became independent of Britain in 1970, and declared secession from the British Commonwealth of Nations in 1987.
Four kinds of bird stamps were issued from these Fiji Islands in 1983, 1985.

1983.2.14 Bird Stamp
Red-throated Lorikeet
Charmosyna amabilis
Blue-crowned Lorikeet
Vini australis
Masked Shining Parrot
Prosopeia personata
Crimson Shining Parrot
Prosopeia splendens

1985.11.4 Bird Stamp
Collared Petrel
Pterodroma brevipes
Lesser Frigatebird
Fregata ariel
Brown Booby
Sula leucogaster
Swift Tern
Thalasseus bergii

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