Insect Stamp of Ethiopia

Ethiopia continued maintaining independence basically while other African countries were done colonial rule of the European Great Powers of. An Ethiopian beginning law of nature was considered to be middle part in the 19th century in modern times and carried out the leadership role by the establishment of Organization of African Unity with Emperor Haile Harasyu from 1930. A military regime is born in 1974 and declares socialism, and it is come close by the Soviet Union. It revised a constitution in 1987 and became the people Democratic Republic. An Ethiopian people revolution democracy front snatched away the government in 1991, and it was switched to a new rice route again. An Ethiopian people revolution democracy front won a great victory in election by plural political parties in 1994 and changed the name of a country to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.
Five kinds of stamps which drew the insect from Ethiopia were issued in 1977.
Four kinds of stamps describing the insect were issued in 1993. These stamps were drawn also beauty small insects on right and left border on a stamp.
Three kinds of stamps which it drew tzetze fly on as a sleepy sickness measures stamp in Africa were issued in 2009.

1977.9.30 Insect Stamp
Tiger Beetle
Cicindela petiti
Heliocopris Scarab Beetle
Heliocopris dilloni
Bush Cricket
Pyrgomorpha vignaudi
Spider hunting Wasp
Hemipepsis heros
Spider hunting Wasp
Hemipepsis dedjas

1993.8.10 Insect Stamp
Click Beetle
Cardiophorus variabilis
Net-winged Beetle
Lycus trabeatus
Scarlet Malachite Beetle
Malachius bitasciatus
Bell Cricket
Homoeogryllus xanthographus

2009.7.21 Pan African Tsetse & Trypanosomiasis Eradication Campain Stamp
Tsetse Fly
Glossina morsitans
Tsetse Fly(Bottom)
Glossina morsitans
Tsetse Fly(Front)
Glossina morsitans

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