Animal Stamp of England

The U.K. is a coalition kingdom comprising England of Great Britain, Wales, Scotland and the northern parts of an Irish island. A Celt came at the time in the seventh century B.C. and entered a follower of the Rome armed forces in the first century, and an Anglo-Saxon invaded it from North Europe after the fourth century when Rome force withdrew and expelled a Celt in Wales and Scotland and built an English kingdom. French Normandy duke conquered England in 1066 and succeeded to the throne as the first William and built Norman dynasty. As for the thing of Queen Elizabeth I, It defeated a Spanish invincible armada in 1588 and established East India Company in 1600. England is united with scotland in 1707, and large Britain kingdom is formed. It passed through the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century, and construction of a modern nation was performed. On the other hand, it was just and It built a colony in sequence and built the British Empire in Africa, Asia, U.S.A., Oceania in the days of Queen Victoria of the 19th century. However, with World War II, It would hand over a world leading viewpoint to U.S.A., and a colony around African Asia became independent in sequence with the end of the war.
Five kinds of wild animal protection stamps were issued by the U.K. in 1977.
In 'Endangered Speices Stamp' 6 kinds issued in 1998 year, the stamp on which it drew a Common Dormouse on and the stamp on which it pictured Song Thrush are included.

United Kingdoms of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
1977.10.5 Wild Animal Protection Stamp
Western European Hedgehog
Erinaceus europaeus
Cape Hare
Lepus capensis
Red Squirrel
Sciurus vulgaris
European Otter
Lutra lutra
Eurasian Badger
Meles meles

1998.1.20 Endangered Speices Stamp
Common Dormouse
Muscardinus avellanarius
Song Thrush
Turdus philomelos

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