Animal Stamp of Kingdom of Denmark

Faroe Islands is located mostly right in the middle, is in the north in Britain, and the middle in Iceland and Norway, is Islands in which a Viking's posterity lives, and is the colony of Denmark. The cliff of the coastline made of rocks or the basalt which towers highly is suitable for nest building of a sea bird, and has also become the treasury of a sea bird.
The fish stamp which drew four kinds of fish from these Faroe Islands was issued in 1983.
The stamp which drew ten kinds of deep-sea fish was issued in 2006.

Faroe Islands
1983.9.19 Fish Stamp
Brosme brosme
Melanogrammus aeglefinus
Atlantic Halibut
Hippoglossus hippoglossus
Atlantic Wolffish
Anarhichas lupus

2006.2.13 Deep Sea Fish Stamp
Atlantic Football Angelfish
Himantolophus groenlandicus
Elongated Bristlemouth
Gonostoma elongatum
Deepwater Redfish
Sebastes mentella
Blue Ray
Neoraja caerulea
Straightnose Rabbitfish
Broadnose chimaera
Deep Sea Anglerfish
Linophryne lucifer
Deep Sea Anglerfish
Ceratias holboelli
Lampris guttatus
Hatchet Fish
Argyropelecus olfersii
Lophius piscatorius

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