Forkland Is. Dependencies 1982Tanzania 1994Mozambique 2018Forkland Is. Dependencies 1982
Laelapid Mite
Gamasellus racovitzai
Velvet Mite
Trombidium sp.
House Dust Mite
Euroglyphus maynei
Alaskan Mite
Alaskoretes antarcticus
Mozambique 1980Mozambique 1980
Animals Tick
Dermacentor circumguttatus
Rhinoceros Tick
Dermacentor rhinocerinus
Mozambique 1980Mozambique 1980Mozambique 1980
Green Bont Tick
Amblyomma hebraeum
Red Ixodid Tick
Amblyomma pomposum
Yellow Ixodid Tick
Amblyomma theilerae

Most ticks are minute animals and it has most things of 0.3-0.8mm grade. Unlike an insect, there are eight legs and there are an antenna and no shuttlecock. Almost all kinds are blind, instead much hair has grown in the body or the leg and a tactile sense stimulus can be felt.
As for the Acarina, at least 10,000 or more sorts of kinds are known out of the world.
Many hard ticks and star ticks transmit an epidemic, and they are serious harmful insects of a domestic animal such as a cow, sheep, horse and cage bird. there are insects transmitting the viral disease that Home sapiens is infected with.

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