Animal Stamp of China

China has the country that is next to Russia, Canada. In one of the world four major civilization birthplaces, the rise and fall of various dynasties have been repeated after the oldest dynasty of Hsia of about B.C. 2000. It is 1616 that the Qing dynasty was built by Manchurian family. When the 19th century began, it took aggression of the Europe Great Powers and British was defeated by Opium War in 1840, and it was done cession Hong Kong. The 20th century began and had Shingai Revolution by the Sun Yat-sen who advocated "San-Min Chu-I" of a race / human rights / public welfare in 1911, and the Republic of China was born in 1912. It took aggression by Japan with Manchurian Incident of 1931, but was finished with Japanese defeat of 1945. It entered into a civil war this time between Chiang Kai-shek / Kuomintang and Mao Zedong / the Communist Party, and the People's Republic of China was born as a socialist state in 1949 because Mao Zedong side won. Kuomintang side escaped then in Taiwan and ruled as the Republic of China.
The stamp on which it usually unified with all of four kinds sturgeon as a stamp in 1994 of the People's Republic of China was issued.
The thing on which it drew nine kinds of protection animals as a national important point protection wild animal stamp of the People's Republic of China in 2000 year was issued.

People's Republic of China
1994.3.18 Normal Stamp
Kaluga Sturgeon
Huso dauricus
Chinese Sturgeon
Acipenser sinensis
Chinese Paddlefish
Psephurus gladius
Yangtze Sturgeon
Acipenser dabryanus

2000.2.25 Wild Animal Protection Stamp
Crested Ibis
Nipponia nippon
Giant Panda
Ailuropoda melanoleuca
Brown Eared Pheasant
Crostopilon mantchuricum
Chinese Sturgeon
Acipenser sinensis
Sichuan Snub-nosed Monkey
Rhinopithecus roxellana
Chinese River Dolphin
Lipotes rexillifer
Red-crowned Crane
Grus japonensis
Siberian Tiger
Panthera tigris altaica
Chinese Alligator
Alligator sinensis

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