Animal Stamp of Chile

The Andes runs in Chile, and the mountains more than meters above the sea level 6,800m rise. It was a part of Inca Empire, but was governed by Spain after the 16th century. It established autonomous government in 1810 and achieved independence in 1818 and it won in the Pacific Wars with Bolivia vs. Peru from 1879 to 1884, and enlarged a territory. After 1932, democratic change of government continued, and President Allende was born in election in 1970, and the socialism Administration was born. However, President Allende dies by a military coup of 1973 and will begin military administration from 1974. A presidential election was performed in 1989 and returned to a civil administration in 1990.
Siz kinds of mammals, five kinds of birds, one kind of reptiles and three kinds of fishes are drawn in 25 kinds of work publication 100-year commemorative stamps of the gay about the animal and plant of dust which were published with dust in 1948. Stamp is printed at single color, three stamps are the same design but with different color. 60 cents stamp is printed at blue, 2$ stamp is printed at green, and 3$ stamp is printed at red.
The small seat of ten kinds of aviation stamps which it drew eight kinds of animals and two kinds of insects on was issued in 1987.

Republic of Chili
1948.12.6 100-year commemorative stamps of the gay
Chilean Pigeon
Columba araucana
Emperor Penguin
Aptenodytes forsteri
Chilean Lizard
Proctotretus chilensis
Caracara Eagle
Caracara vulgaris
Red-gartered Coot
Fulica armillata
Torrent Duck
Merganetta armata

Pacific Bonito
Pelamys chilensis
Pinguipes chilensis
Red Cusk-eel
Genypterus chilensis
Southern River Otter
Lontra provocax
Striped Skunk
Mephitis chilensis
Long-tailed Chinchilla
Chinchilla laniger
Red Fruit Bat
Stenoderma chilensis
Southern Sea Lion
Otaria byronia
South Andean Deer
Hippocamelus bisulcus

1987.7.30 Airmail Stamp
Calidris alba
Pandion haliaetus
Juan Fernandez Firecrown
Sephanoides fernandensis
Darwin's Rhea
Pterocnemia pennata
Peruvian Guemal
Hippocamelus antisensis
Commerson's Dolphin
Cephalorhynchus commersonii
Vicugna vicugna
Southern Moutain Viscacha
Lagidium viscacia

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