Animal Stamp of Czechoslovakia

From country Czechoslovakia which two races were set to one and was able to do them although now divided into two countries, Czecho and Slovakia, four kinds of amphibians stamps were issued in 1989. As for the stamp of Czechoslovakia, many wonderful stamps in which the stamp of intaglio multicolored printing is the feature, and harnessed the delicate power of expression of an intaglio are issued.
From country Czecho, four kinds of Rodentia stamps were issued in 1996. A small size seat comprised of the stamp which it drew the conservation of nature animals and plants which were in the national park was issued in 2005, 2009, 2010, 2014.

1989.7.18 Amphibians Stamp
Fire-bellied Toad
Bombina bombina
Yellow-bellied Toad
Bombina variegata
Alpine Newt
Triturus alpestris
Carpathian Newt
Triturus montandoni

Czech Republic
1996.4.24 Rodentia Stamp
Garden Dormouse
Eliowys quercinus
Tree Dormouse
Dryomys nitedula
European Souslik
Spermophilus citellus
Northern Birch Mouse
Sicista betulina

Fauna & Flora Stamps
Red Star Bluethroat
Luscinia svecica
Red Deer
Cervus elaphus
Tichodroma muraria
Marsican Brown Bear
Ursus arctos

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