Animal Stamp of Brazil

Brazil is a large country of the fifth place world holding a half of South America, and the Amazon of full length 6,240km flows through the northern part to the east from the west, and Brazilian Takahara occupies more than 60% of a country. I was governed by Portugal after 1500 and because Napoleon invaded and attacked in an own country in 1808, the Portugal Royal Family sheltered in Brazil and did Rio de Janeiro with a capital. The Crown Prince that the return home back of the Portugal Royal Family settled on Brazil in 1822 declares independence, and I shift to republican form of government in 1889, and the existing Cardoso President is born in 1995. It is an industrial country Central and South America's best in an agriculture large country of world's best coffee production, and the auto industry in particular is prosperous.
Two kinds of stamps on which it drew a whale and a tortoise were published in 1987 by this Brazil.
Six kinds of fish stamps of the Brazilian special product were published in 1988.
Two kinds of stamps on which it drew birds were published in 1995 year.

Federative Republic of Brazil
1987.6.5 Sea Life Stamp
Southern Right Whale
Eubalaena australis
Hawksbill Turtle
Eretmochelys imbricata

1988.11.29 Fish Stamp
Common Hatchetfish
Gasteropelecus sternicla
Black Arowana
Osteoglossum ferreirai
Scissortail Tetra
Moenkhausia intermedia
Brasilia Lyrefin
Cynolebias boitonei
Starlight Bristlenose Pleco
Ancistrus hoplogenys
Emerald Catfish
Brochis splendens

1995.6.5 Bird Stamp
Solitary Tinamou
Tinamus solitarius
Alagoas Curassow
Mitu mitu

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