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So-iny Mullet
Chelon haematocheila
White Mullet
Mugil curema

Flathead mullet
Mugil cephalus

A body of Flathead mullet is slightly slim cylindrical. There are two dorsal fins and considerably leaves it. The back consists of only soft stripe muscle. Instead of not having a measuring line, the friend of Flathead mullet holds a sense aperture in the scale of the whole body. It eats the fragment of the surface small alga and organic matter of the bottom by a very small tooth. The muscle of the stomach develops to help with these digestion, and various devices are seen with many kinds having the very long bowels.
As for the fish that is representative, a habitation bookmark, the fry enter the river with a striped mullet in the shallow place of the tropical coast the Temperate Zone in the world.

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