Animal Stamp of Argentina

In Argentina, a Spaniard goes ashore in 1516. Rule of Spain was settled in 1573 and entered a follower Spanish as the La Plata vice-king territory who included Bolivia, Paraguay in 1776. It became independent from Spain as the La Plata alliance for further 1816 years and shifted to a republic in 1862, and the Argentine Republic was born. It pushed forward exclusion of a foreign capital, the industrial nationalization and collected support of a worker since Peron took office as the President in 1946.
Three kinds of normal stamps for child welfare on which it drew South American birds and two kinds of aviation stamps for child welfare were issued in 1960 by this South American Argentin.
One kind of stamp of the aviation for child welfare availability that it described parent and child of the emperor penguin was issued in successively in 1961. These are single color, but it is the stamp of a tasteful design.
Five kinds of South American fiehes stamps for child welfare were issued in 1989 year.
Two kinds of South American dinosaur stamps for child welfare were issued in 1992 year.

Argentina Republic
1960.2.25 child welfare normal/airmail stamp
Andean Condor
Vultur gryphus
Fork-tailed Flycatcher
Muscivora tyrannus
Magellanic Woodpecker
Ipocrantor magellanicus
Red-winged Tinamou
Rhynchotus rufescens
American Rhea
Rhea americana

1961.2.25 child welfare airmail stamp
Emperor Penguin
Aptenodytes forsteri

1989.6.24 Fish Stamp
Velvet Catfish
Diplomystes viedmensis
Salmonoid Fish
Aplochiton taeniatus
Smallmouth Perch
Percichthys trucha
Galaxiid Fish
Galaxias platei
Brown Trout
Salmo trutta fario

1992.5.2 Dinosaur Stamp

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