Common Aphid

Iceland 2007Turkey 1980Mauritania 1989Slovenia 2001
European Birch Aphids
Euceraphis punctipenni
Common Aphid
Aphis aphis
Cotton Aphid
Aphis gossypii
Green Peach Aphid
Myzus persicae
Portugal 2020
Grape Phylloxera
Daktulosphaira vitifoliae

Common Aphid is the noxious insects attached to almost all vegetables, and from the leaf or the stalk, it inhales the juice of a vegetable object and is living. A leaf discolors yellow, or becomes malformation and favorable growth is barred. Common Aphid attached to main vegetables may change a figure and a color according to a season or a living environment also by the same species, although about 30 sorts are checked. Between autumn, Common Aphid of type without feather (non-wing) has gathered for the leaf from spring. Although the capability which moves to a stock from a stock is low, a child can be increased in few periods. If a number increases too much and comes to seldom live, Common Aphid owner wing type [ with feather ] will be produced. Owner wing Common Aphid can ride on a wind, can move a long distance, and if it arrives at a suitable place, it will increase the child of non-wing Common Aphid again.

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