Invitation to a Mailing List, “Development and Future of the Regional Bio-diversity Conservation Strategy for Minato Ward, Tokyo”.


(Background and Purposes)

Minato-ku is one of the 23 wards of the Tokyo Metropolitan District. Facing with Tokyo Bay and having large parks, over 20% of this ward is covered with vegetation, and the ward government decided to develop its own regional bio-diversity conservation strategy by the end of 2013 in accordance with a national law, "Basic Act on Biological Diversity".


On November 10, 2012 the ward made public this plan at a kick-off event, "Minato Ward Biodiversity Local Strategy – Minna Ikimono Daisakusen" held at the Minato Ward Eco Plaza.


To support this plan, I, with support of various stakeholders, have established this mailing list as an initial step for anyone, particularly those interested in the ward, to create common goals and a forum in which all participants collaborate for the goals. 


I expect that participants from those who are working for biodiversity and nature conservation to beginners utilize this mailing list as a tool to exchange information regardless of own position or localities. 


I welcome to this mailing list anyone interested in or related to Minato Ward, i.e., anyone who lives or lived, works or worked in the ward, or even those who only pass or passed through it.   



I expect your active submission of such information as biodiversity of Minato Ward, the Convention of Biological Diversity and discussions made at the convention’s Conferences of the Parties, local information of your prefectures and nations, notices of symposium, lectures, useful references, etc.  


(Target participants)

Anyone, regardless of position or affiliation, who has access to email or internet and interested in biological diversity, the Convention of Biological Diversity and its Conferences of Parties, and particularly in Minato Ward. I also welcome those who study biological diversity in field and beginners who wish to study and have such information.

Each participant personally registers and submits own opinion beyond the boundaries of the public institutions and the (organization) group he/she belongs to. 



This mailing list is operated under Google Group. Registration is made by the owner. If you want to join, please send to a mail titled, “Biodiversity Strategy for Minato Ward ML” and your name, mail address, organization you belong to, and zip code and address and telephone number in the text.


(Submission of text)

Send your text to

Please always add an appropriate title which helps readers easily foresee the contents. 



In case you wish to deregister your mail address, please send your wish to


(Important Points)

(1)Please be careful not to have your mailbox overflow.

(2)Please do not attach any document to your mail.

(3)Please be responsible for the contents of your article.

(4)Copyright of the articles posted is of the author. When you quote others, particularly from other mailing lists or journals of other organizations, please always acquire permission from the author in advance.

(5)Please make the contents sharable to all subscribers and do not send personal messages.

(6)Please do not send mail or information against public interest such as libel, slander, obscenity, etc.

(7)Please obtain permission in advance in case you show personal information such as contact information and address.

(8)Please well confirm if information you obtain from your hearing is already disclosed.

(9)Please note that this mailing list is personally owned by Hidenori Kusakari and that services are unofficial and its duration is not guaranteed.  


The owner is free of responsibilities to any losses caused by acts contrary to the rules above.

Available is a Japanese version "Biodiversity Strategy for Minato Ward ML". If you wish to exchange with people in Japan in Jpanese, please contact this mailing list for registration.


This mailing list is owned and managed by Hidenori Kusakari(The Real Conservation<Japanese>).