Actually, I don't think this one should be included in a list of 'my' prints - although I planned it and got everything ready, all the blocks were carved by my two daughters, who were here in Japan visiting me that summer. They had 'nothing to do', so I asked them to do this preparation for the autumn culture festival.

They did a very good job indeed, especially on all those tiny cherry blossoms in the background, and this turned out to be one of the most successful prints of this entire series.

The image is from a rather complex old tale about a man who scatters ashes that turn into cherry blossoms - kind of a Johnny Appleseed tale ...

(click image for a larger version in a 'popup' window)

And with this print, the Culture Day series is coming to a bit of 'rest' for a while. I'm still going to the community centre every year to do the activity, but because there is always a whole new crop of kids every few years, it's not necessary to create a new print every year, and I've started to re-use blocks from previous years.

But I guess they are going to wear out someday, and I'll have to make some new ones then!