This print, completely different from anything I had made up to that point, wasn't actually made for a [Baren] group exchange. I had made it a few years earlier in January of 1994, just at the halfway point of the Hyakunin Isshu series. I had finished the previous set of 10 poets prints a bit early, and had a bit of time before the annual exhibition started. When the exchange came around, I pulled the blocks out of the closet and made 30 more copies for the group.

It represents an old farmhouse preserved over at the local history museum, and was sketched from photographs. The stone statue (which came out looking like some kind of football-playing alien), is in a different part of the museum, and I 'moved' it to a location in front of the old house.

(click image for a larger version in a 'popup' window)

There are I think 32 impressions, of only two pigments - black and prussian blue. Although I can't say much for the 'art', I was quite happy with the printing, and one day when I get time for it, I very much want to explore more of this type of work.