January 23~28, 2003

Fourteenth Annual Exhibition
(Gallery Shinjuku Takano, Tokyo)

As the last few exhibitions have followed exactly the same pattern, we felt that it was time to shake things up a bit this year. Some things are missing, some things have been added - we feel it's quite an interesting show this time!

From the elevator lobby, the entrance looks pretty much the same as it does every year:

Once into the room, repeat visitors will see at once that the long black curtain that previously divided the room into two sections has been moved back against the wall, and the entire room is now open and visible.

The calligraphy reads Surimono Album ...

Turning to the right, the visitor sees the panels with the prints from the newest Surimono Album - each print is mounted together with its little 'story'.

This corner of the room is not illuminated from the ceiling, but each print is mounted under a small spotlight ...

... which shows off the 'relief' to best advantage. There are no frames, no glass, nothing between the viewer and the beautiful paper ...

Turning around, the viewer sees mounted on the far wall, all the prints from the previous three albums, mounted in sort of 'scatter' fashion. This is too many for 'serious' viewing, but people like strolling along the wall to get a good idea of what the Surimono Albums are like.

Each set of ten surrounds a small panel with titles, artist names, etc.

Looking down towards the far end of the long room, you can see the easels containing the 'David's Choice' prints.

This is a selection of eight prints from my personal collection. They are not for sale, but are here to try and show people some of the amazing beauty that exists in this world of woodblock printmaking.

As always, each print (or book) is mounted together with a short piece explaining some of my thoughts about the item ...

And again, no frames, no glass ... just 'raw' woodblock prints ...

Back on the other wall is a selection of recent newspaper and magazine stories on my work.

I was lucky a while back to get a full-page story in the national edition of the Yomiuri Shimbun ... this helped bring my work to the attention of a lot of people!

Next to that display is the table with the order forms and explanation of my subscription system, together with a small selection of newsletters for people to browse.

Against the wall near this are a couple of favourites from the Hyakunin Isshu series of 100 prints ...

... together with a sample set of cases for the prints, and some order forms.

Next to this is the demonstration corner, where I print up a copy of the newest New Year card whenever a group of people gather to watch.

And turning around we get a view back up the length of the room to see Sadako standing at the other end near the entrance ...

Thank you for taking this 'virtual' tour of the exhibition. I wish you could come and see it for 'real'!