What am I?

In the first column of this 'Art Jottings' series one year ago, I asked the questions, "Who am I?" and "What am I?". In English I had an easy answer ... 'printmaker', but in Japanese it was more difficult. I had to try and choose between hanga-ka, hori-shi, suri-shi, shokunin, etc.

Now, a year later, I find I again have to ask the same question "What am I?", but this time for a different reason. A reporter came to one of my exhibitions recently and then wrote a story about me in her newspaper. The headline read, "Kanada-jin no sakka David Bull ..." When I saw this I couldn't believe it. Although sakka simply means 'a person who makes things', I have never thought of myself as sakka David Bull. I'm a craftsman making reproductions, not an artist or author! But in her eyes, after walking around my exhibition, she felt that the impact of the various essays and stories which were displayed together with the prints, was as great as the pictures. She didn't see me as a craftsman at all, but as a 'creative' person.

In the past, I have been a musician, a computer programmer, a business manager ... and more ... but I have recently been feeling quite settled into my occupation. I am a printmaker!

But now I'm getting confused ... again. Help! What am I? Who am I?

* * *

Thank you very much for reading these scribbles during the past year. I hope that someday I will get another chance to talk to you ...