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Don't Shoot Me!


Do you know the word 'photogenic'? This describes the kind of person who always looks good in photographs. We are all photogenic when we are very young, but during the time we are growing up, most of us lose this, and it is only a very few adults who are truly photogenic. Those who wish to become movie stars, actors, or have some other job in the public eye, of course have to be like this.

I, on the other hand, am most definitely not photogenic. Every time somebody points a camera towards me, my face seems to distort into a strange mask. The photographer says "Smile!", and I reply "I am smiling ...!" When I see the photo later, I can't believe it's me. Why did I make that strange face. It looks like I'm in terrible pain!

How I envy my daughters! I flip through our family photo album, and see page after page of bright-eyed, shining faces ... radiating happiness. But I'm happy too! At least I feel happy ... Why then, doesn't my face show it? Is it that we adults think too much, and even when we are nominally happy and contented, we still carry around too many problems?

I suppose I shouldn't get too serious about this, or my face will get even worse ... Next time one of those newspaper people points a camera at me, I'll try and pretend that I'm ten years old again ... Now that should make an interesting picture!