Research supporting Chiropractic

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[ New Zealand Report ]
Report of the Commission of Inquiry, Government Printer, New Zealand, 1979
Inglis, BD, Chiropractic in New Zealand

[ Rand Report ]
The appropriateness of spinal manipulation for low-back pain. Project overview and literature review.
Shekelle PG, Adams AH, Chassin MR, et al.
RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, California, 1991

[ Low back pain of mechanical origin: randomised comparison of chiropractic and hospital outpatient treatment ]
T.W.Meade, Sandra Dyer, Wendy Browne, Joy Townsend, A.O.Frank
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Randomized comparison of chiropractic and hospital outpatient management for low back pain: results from extended follow-up.
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[ Recovery Rate on Posterior Displacement of Lumbar Vertebra ]
A Retrospective Case Analysis of Pretreatment and Comparative Static Radiological Parameters Following Chiropractic Adjustments
Gregory Plaugher,D.C., Edward E.Cremata,D.C.,and Reed B.Philips,D.C.,PH.D.
Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics
vol.13 no.9 pp498-506 1990-NOV-DEC

[ Randomized clinical trial of manipulative therapy and physiotherapy for persistent back and neck complaints: results of one year follow up. ]
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[ 50-Year History of Chiropractic Effectiveness ]
Chiropractic Evaluation Study Task III Report of the Relevant Literature.
MacDonald, M.J., Morton, L.
MRI Project No. 8533-D, For Department of Defense, OCHAMPUS, Aurora, Colorado, 24 January 1986.

[ Spinal Manipulation for Low-Back Pain. ]
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[ Cost Effectiveness of Chiropractic ]

[ A Study to Examine the Effectiveness and Cost Effectiveness of Chiropractic Management of Low Back Pain ]
Pran Manga, et al.
Pran Manga and Associates, Ontario, Canada, 1993.

[ Mechanical Low-Back Pain: A Comparison of Medical and Chiropractic Management Within the Victorian Work Care Scheme. ]
Ebrall, P.S.
Chiropractic Journal of Australia, June 1992, Volume 22, Number 2, PP47-53.

[ Cost per Case Comparison of Back Injury Claims of Chiropractic versus medical Management for Conditions with Identical Diagnostic Codes ]
Jarvis, K.B., Phillips, R.B., et al.
Journal of Occupational Medicine, August 1991, Volume 33, Number 8, Pages 847-52.

[ Mandated Health Insurance Coverage for Chiropractic Treatment: An Economic Assessment, with Implications for the Commonwealth of Virginia. ]
The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia, and Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia, January 1992.

[ A Comparison of the Costs of Chiropractors versus Alternative Medical Practitioners ]
Dean, D.H., Schmidt, R.M.
University of Richmond, Richmond, Virginia, 13 January 1992.

[ Chiropractic versus medical Care: A Cost Analysis of Disability and Treatment for Back-Related Workers' Compensation Cases. ]
Steve Wolk, Ph.D.
Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research, Arlington, Virginia, September 1988.

[ Chiropractic users tend to have substantially lower total health care costs. ]
Journal of American Health Policy, Nov/Dec 1992, Vol.2, No.6

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