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Finding and purchasing a used TB303 is becoming a costly and difficult task. But if you want "that" sound, what's a synthesist to do? The answer may well lie in a little-known box called the Roland MC202. Taking advantage of its features produces just as interesting a sound as the 303, but for a lot less money.
This site is for all MC202 users. Please share your tips and secrets with us. Send me mail here. .

MC202 Manual Book ~Roland MicroComposer~(Unofficial)

This file is Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format. by Roland official manual book. (free download about1Mb)
Copyright Roland Co.,Ltd. Authored by Ra-Hi from Japan.
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The ultimate collection of 202 tips!

I am trying to make a great collection of tips and tricks for this box. Please help us squeeze every conceivable sound out of the MC202. It's a great machine with lots of potential.

Sampling the 202 and altering its sound by playing it.
percussively or backwards sounds great, and adds a lot of mileage to the sound. When you vary the tempo you can get more interesting slide effects than you normally would.

There are more than four positions on the VCO-Range switch.
This is a very simple but effective tip. While you are sequencing, you can change the switch and actually modulate to different keys on the fly. Just move the switch very slowly between the fixed positions. If you use this method effectively, you can make this box sound meaner than Jimi Hendrix!

Synchronizing the 202 without DIN SYNC:
This tip is great if you don't have a MIDI to DIN Sync box, and can be used with many sequencers. Bearing in mind that the 202 will allow you to sync to tape (FSK Sync), you can generally use the FSK sync out of any MIDI (or non-MIDI)/sequencer box and plug it into the TAPE SYNC-IN on the 202. When you start the external sequencer, the 202 will lock to it as if it were locking to a tape. You may have to experiment with different machines, but it seems to work beautifully with the Akai MPC-60. Tell me/us what you've found.

Mr.MC202 mixing it up with an SL1200MKII

DATA Library

In this section I would like to put peoples 202 "data-sheets" You could submit:
*Text data of giving examples every parameter.
* Sample files of 202 sounds. (Aiff, Wave)
* Sequencer data (saved via tape interface). These files are converted to WAVE DATA.
The data on this site is all free... but if it is copyrighted, please respect peoples generosity, and DON'T use this material in your compositions. If you submit material to me, I will reproduce any copyrights you submit. Public-domain material is also generously accepted.

MC202 Sample Sounds (16bit/22Khz AIFF Format)

Please use to import any sampler

MC202-A(Shot 16kb)

MC202-B(Flase 48kb)

MC202-C(Flase 80kb)

MC202 Sound DATA Sheet

I don't understand necessary such a chart. This is only atmosphere or Beat!

BASS Synth A
LFO VCO Souce Mixer
Para. rate delay MOD Renge PulseW *** SubOSC ***
DATA 0 0 0 [16'] 0 [LFO] 10 0 10 2
Para. Freq Res Env Mod Kybd *** A D S R
DATA 5 6 5 0 0 [gate] 1 4 0 0

LFO VCO Souce Mixer
Para. rate delay MOD Renge PulseW *** SubOSC ***
DATA 0 0 0 [16'] 0 [LFO] 0 0 0 1
Para. Freq Res Env Mod Kybd *** A D S R
DATA 4 10 5 0 0 [gate] 0 2 0 0

Have fun, and make cool techno with your 202!