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General corporation ; The Japanology Institute of Togen Library

研究者情報 (2019年度)

関口崇史 (Ph.D./Taisho Univ) Associate Professor,Chief of the Institute (assumed office 2014.1.10 )

池田大輔(MA/Komazawa Univ) Associate Professor(Concurrent post ~2017.4.1)/Shiga Bunkyo junior college Assistant Professor

上戸理恵 (MA/Hokkaido Univ) Associate Professor (assumed office 2014.1.10 )

上原作和 (Ph.D./Nagoya Univ) Executive Professor(assumed office 2014.1.10)

越野優子 (Ph.D./Osaka Univ) Invitation Professor (assumed office 2019.10.1)

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