The crisis of continuance of the theatrical troupe "taihen"!!

Could you help us as a supporting member?

According to your annual membership fee, you can support our artistic activity.
We are going through hard time regarding economy. However, we accept this hard time as our severe trial, we are willing to pursue our expression activity.
Please support our activity.

œthe instructions and advantage of support membership:

*the instructions of support membership:
Individual member   Annual membership fee     The unit 5000yen
Corporate member  Annual membership fee      The unit 20000yen
*advantage of membership:
1: issue of membership card
2: you can buy our ticket with bargain price;
   +Individual members will get 5 dollars off each ticket
 +Corporate members will get a free ticket
 +Also reduced admission fees are available. Please contact to reception in detail when it performed.
3: Each year we are planning to give our digest DVD.

œthe way to be a membership:

+By PayPal...
If you have email address and credit card, you can pay by PayPal.
»» The admission from PayPal(Japanese)
+By Email or FAX
Please send us your name and address by Email or FAX, and we will send you back a money transfer form by mail.
»» Application form(Japanese)

œthe process of renewal:

Membership will expire at the end of March.
We will keep you informed about next year's process.