This time, the duo tour with Roland Hanna since 1990 reached
the 7th time but came to an end.

This duo tour was scheduled from October 4 to 12, 2002, including a
recording on 13th, however, Hanna was sent to hospital immediately due to
his bad health condition, from a hall (the 4th performance) in Nakano Ward,
Tokyo on October 7.

Hanna had been in hospital during October 7 -17, and then he flew back to
New York on 17th because his condition became stable. He was taken to a
hospital in NY directly, and he got out of it on 28th. He had been under
medical treatment at home, but he passed away of heart failure in the
morning on November 13.

He was feeling sorry to have troubled the Japanese fans and promoters 
and he was also talking about his wish to get better, come to Japan and
perform in front of them, etc. To our regret, he died at the age of seventy.

October 2, 2002. I went to Narita Airport to meet Roland Hanna.
When I was taking pictures as I had plenty of time, a Northwest's airplane
landed, which happened to be the NW17 flight due at 17:40, taken by Hanna.
It arrived 30 minutes ahead of schedule.

Noon, October 3. In the interval of rehearsal at my house, his calm way to
talk was impressive, touching a mandarin orange...."A lot of fruit are
produced this year."

After the rehearsal, Hanna squeezed my hand and said,
"We've been friends known each other for 12 years, Eiji san."

At the dinnertime after rehearsal.....a phone call from a friend of mine.
Nice smile !

He seemed to like the gift; a Japanese umbrella, very much.

A souvenir photo with the proprietor & the proprietress of restaurant "Isle",
where we gathered for a party. I have given several
concerts at this restaurant, and their dishes are delicious !

October 5 Industrial & Cultural centre, Asaka-city, Saitama
The 2nd set: The trio with the guest, Mihoko Hazama(vln)

October 6 "BUD",Obuse-town, Nagano
A full house. It was the ardent live concert used up our last energy.
The audience also looked delighted with two encores.

Hanna had spent time with us to the end of a party,
but his condition got pretty worse, I thought.
He had a pain when he tried to lie down on the bed at that night, so he had
to sit on a chair until morning.....

October 7 the Morning in Obuse....straight for Tokyo after breakfast
On the way to Nakano- Ward by car, we took him to a hospital,
and they gave him an infusion, and so on. After that, we headed for a hall in Tokyo,
but he became in no condition to play the piano. The first set began with Hanna's
apology and finished with my 40 minutes' bass solo, then Hanna was taken to
hospital in an ambulance.....

I had never taken so many photos like that time. I wonder that happened in
order to leave the last moment with me? In my heart,
Hanna's piano has been sounding forever.


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  The second concert of this tour was happened
to be recorded, which was released, as a memorial album
entitled "Last Concert", in April 2003.