Born in Sapporo, Hokkaido,Japan.
After performing as a jazz bassist in various parts of Hokkaido based in
Sapporo, Eiji moved to Tokyo in 1979.

Since the limelight of his debut album "North Plain" in 1982, as one of the
respected Japanese bassists, he has been extending a vigorous tour
performing nationwide with his own groups. His unique music full of clear
tones has been regarded as a mixed sound of strength-unlike Japanese,
and emotion-like traditional Japanese music, and he has been in-demand worldwide.

December 1982 -93 The participation in Jazz Machine led by Elvin Jones (ds).
1986 The duo tour with Don Friedman (p).6 tours, including 2 tours
as a trio collaborated with Eliot Zigmund (ds), within 4 years.
3 albums entitled "Conversation", "Far A Way Land", "Sweet View",
and as a trio " Legend of The Lake" were released.

1990 The bass duo tour with Richard Davis (b).

1990 The participation in Chamber Jazz Trio led by Roland Hanna.
Roland Hanna (p & cello), Bob Johnson (fhn), Frank Perowsky (fl)
From the following year, the duo with Roland Hanna was started.
( 7 tours until 2002, and the release of "Memoir" & "Hush-A-Bye")

1991 The creation of original jazz with influential artists in the NY
music scene; Eliot Zigmund, Dick Oatts and Peter Madsen.
Eiji Nakayama, New York Quartet was formed as a permanent group.
The tours from 1991 to 95, in 1997 with fixed members.
3 albums entitled "Days of a Dream", "Romantic Blue",
and "Synchronicity" , and a video "Live in Japan" were released.

Autumn 1998 Inviting the European jazz musicians, the tour "Eiji Nakayama,
European Connection" was performed.

The concerts with Japan Quartet and the bass solo tour are a
part of his activities in Japan. 
In addition to his musical performance, he lectures at welfares,
primary and secondary schools, and he contributes to a magazine "Kagaribi".

July 1998 Eiji hadn't released an album with Japanese group members for 16 years
since his debut album "North Plain", but he recorded "Nango" with them
as his 11th album.Shonosuke Okura also joined (b.d, otsutsumi), and you
can listen to his performance with deep impact in tunes entitled
"Nango" & "Enburi no Mai".

August 1999 The bass solo album "Itsuka Mita Toki" was released
and became a large topic.
The bass solo tour at 108 places was also performed in 1999.

November 2000 The 6th Japan tour with Roland Hanna.

Early 2001 Eiji has been trying to play with classic violin or flute
beyond the musical genre, which is entitled "Harmony of Jazz and Classic".
He has also attempted various approaches including a
session entitled "Conversation between Bamboo and Wood" along with
Japanese instruments (koto, shakuhachi, etc).

October 2001 The live album "Old Country" recorded as a quartet with
Japanese members was released.
The participation in the violinist Mihoko Hazama's
first leader album "Heartstrings" as a producer, an arranger and a bassist.
(The CD was released in June 2002.)

October 2002 The autobiography"Kita no Daichi kara" was published, which
covers from Eiji's childhood to memorable episodes with foreign jazz musicians.

March 2003 The debut album "North Plain" released in 1982 was reissued
on the TBM label, as a 24 bit, digitally remastered CD.

April 2003 The recorded performance on 5th October 2002 was released as an album
"Last Concert", which turned out to be the final tour by Roland Hanna.

June 2003 With his deepest sympathy to Roland Hanna, the memorial
concert tour with Michael Hanna; the son of Roland Hanna, was held.

March 2004 The duo album with Peter Madsen (p), "Eiji's Mood" was released.

December 2004 The 2 duo albums with Roland Hanna, "Memoir"& "Hush-A-Bye"
were re-released at the same time.

March 2005 The duo tour with Peter Madsen.

August 2005 Eiji& Peter Madsen (p),with Tomoo Yamaguchi(g) (guest for 3 tunes)
"Whirling Of The Wind”was released.

November 2008 Bass Solo albums"A Lasting Cry of My Soul"was released.

In 2009,three albums,”Conversation”,”Romantic Blue”,”Synchronicity”
with Eiji and the overseas artists were reproduced and relesed.

February 2010, an album ”Aya's Samba” was recorded by the group
-before 32 years-in 1978' when Eiji was active in Hokkido was re-released.
This is recordded before a major debut and became actually the first album.

April 2010, an album ”My Present Song” was recorded by the group
-before 32 years-in 1978' when Eiji was active in Hokkido was re-released.
This is recordded before a major debut and became actually the secound album.

February 2011 「EGENETO」Eiji & Peter Madsen(p) with Hidehiro Kanaizuka(ds)
was released.

February 2013, “World Triangle” was released by World Triangle, it is his 22th leader album. 
Eiji Nakayama(b) Peter Madsen(pf) Günter Wehinger(fl)

October2014, "Byond my All" Eiji Nakayama’s Bass solo 23th album.was released

April 2017, "How I Miss You"24th album was released

As a composer, Eiji offers numerous tunes to other artists, vocals and
commercials, not only to his own albums.