Elvin Jones, nobody else has given as much influence upon drum
players of the world as this guy.

The greatest drummer on his way to success in Jazz music.

He was in the group of John Coltrane from 1960 to 1996
leaving behind a lot of brilliant performances.


He organaized Elvin Jones Jazz Machine,
and performed a tour from 1982 to 83.

I was with him in concerts at various places from Hokkaido
Kyushu, This experience has energized me immeasurably
in my musical activities, enabling me to truly enjoy
the time we shared.

As tenor sax player Pat Labarbera,
he is a very splendid musician reminding me of John Coltrane.
He is tender and always a quiet gentleman.

From the kick-off of the tour he used to witness me
practicing without an appearance of annoyance even
in the
I remember how he was nice in doing so.
I am moved with thanks whenever I remember this.


Elvin groupfs sound is really heavy!
Is it roaring waves?

Dodontuku, dodonntuku, dododo, dododoc..

I have no word to describe the sound cry? Dash?
Or whatever he strike out of his instrument!
If you listen to his music, your view of life
and music might change.

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