Don Friedman played with Shorty Rogers, Chet Baker, Dexter Gordon, gCircle Waltzh in 1960's. A musician with unique lyricism.

I played in Duo with him six times from 1986 and two concert tours of twice in trio with Eliot Zigmund (drum). Four albums Released

Good smile and handshakes after concert.
Stage photo on the back of jacket "Sweet View"

It still stayed in my mind "Memories of Scotty"
which he gave to the late Scot
LaFaro (b)
in music of Don-san and "
Far A Way Land" which I composed.



Don Friedman and I performed concert tour
sixtimes, the concerts at about 100 places in Duo.

Snap shot on the tour. Masuda station in Shimane.
A souvenir picture. W
hat is it that makes
them do it?



gHi, Don-san, what do you take?h
ghummm, now just anything if it wmells after Japanese taste.h

gHi, Eiji! Is that a sort of pull-cart?
Pull that one! Good! Thatfs nice, OK, Eiji, smile! h

c.Why, why have I to hold such ac., oh incredulous!!

  Autumn in 1987, to New York City , invitation by Don Friedman


I did cooking in New York to entertain friends.
Recipe: Udon, Japanese pasta. A whole chicken was elaborately boiled for soup. I asked ghow did you enjoy? Very special?h Answer: gVery special.h No morec 

With his daughter.

I produced a solo album for Don Freedman: title gMEANT TO BEh Photos of jacket,
front and back, are all taken by me. Pretty good album, Isnft it?

I did duo concert tour with Don six times,
In 1988 Eliot Zigmund (drums) joined us making trio.