Manhattan Beach

Mr. Greenwood visited Los Angeles in June 1st. 1999. In this occasion, he visited his friend, Ron living in Manhattan Beach, just south of Los Angeles International Airport. Long time ago, they had worked together for Kalingas LNG project. It was only 10 minutes from the Airport by taxi. It was easy to find friend's house, because each house has a big serial number on the stucco wall.

In US, real estate price increases proportional to it's proximity to the beach. Highest price reaches to 5 million $. They set out to the beach to inspect those expensive estate in Ron's vintage car.

garage.jpg (24742)

Ron and his vintage car

At the hill top, you can see sky scrapers in down town of LA  and Palos Verdes in the south. Those places are occupied by expensive estates. There are various type of architectures, i.e. Colonial, American Tradition, Classic Tudor, Victorian, Art Deco, French, Spanish etc.

big.jpg (12088)


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Center of Manhattan beach is the Jetty.

beach.jpg (22554)

Central Jetty (photo by Ron)

Natural slope is restored in the beach. There is a couzy path through natural habitat.

cycling.jpg (25377)

a couzy path through natural habitat (photo by Ron)

The first law of houses enjoy splendid view of the ocean.

upper.jpg (18255)

The first law of houses

The community enjoys nice environment because, the utility road and pedestrian path are segregated.

cross.jpg (26245)

pedestrian path

Weather here is milder than Seven Mile Beach.

Jetty.jpg (19907)

Jetty head (photo by Ron)

Seven Mile Beach and Manhattan Beach has similarities and differences. It might be a good idea to have sister city agreement between them.

birds.jpg (16908)

Sandpipers  (photo by Ron in 2000)

October 28, 2002

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