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Why Unschooling

Welcome to Unschooling in Japan, a site specifically for unschooling families in Japan. For a complete list of everything this section has to offer, go to the Table of Contents. If you are just getting started, or are looking for more information on child-led learning, please visit at our unschooling introduction page. If you are looking for information about homeschooling laws in Japan, please see the list of links pertaining to legal information on the Legal info page. If you are looking for information in Japanese, please go to this section of Japanese links. For more detailed information, please also take a look at our articles and resources pages.

Networking and support for all home-based learners will still be found at Homeschooling in Japan, and resource listings will be found at Education in Japan so be sure to check these areas as well.

-Angela Bartlett, webmaster

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